Tissot UCI Track Cycling Second Edit


Every now and again you shoot an event and with any assignment  are focused on shooting and wiring photographs to a specific event brief within set timescales…. then you look at the images a little later.. for me a year later … no brief … just opportunities to portray the spirit and action of event … and of course a years learning as well

Here’s my year on edit of the Tissot UCI Track Cycling World Cup at Lee valley Velodrome Olympic Park London, with some added shooting details, I hope you like them

Thanks to UKSportspics for the assignment and TISSOT UCI Track Cycling World Cup team accreditation for this great event

200mm 1/1250th @f2.8 500 ISO
145mm 1/1250th @f5.6 2000 ISO
24mm 1/100th @f7.1 400 ISO
35mm 1/40th @f5.6 125 ISO
Laura Trott warming down shot at 70mm 1/100th @f6.3 450 ISO
24mm 1/20th @f9 125 ISO
24mm 1/15th @f8 100 ISO
95mm 1/1250th @f2.8 800 ISO
70mm 1/20th @f8 100 ISO
95mm 1/1000th @f2.8 320 ISO
24mm 1/30th @f8 180 ISO
120mm 1/30th @f8 160 ISO
26mm 1/125th @f6.3 250 ISO
185mm 1/40th @f9 180 ISO
150mm 1/20th @f7.1 100 ISO





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