TWA Hotel JFK New York

Simply stunning and as original as you might hope for; Eero Saarinen’s landmark 1962 TWA Flight Centre at JFK Airport has been restored and re imaged as a first-class hotel. At the centre of the hotel is Eero Saarinen’s iconic TWA Flight Centre. More than worthy of a visit when you have a few hours spare, or an overnight stay if flying in or out of JFK

More details on the hotel can be found here

Model Railways

Taken slightly out of my comfort zone and asked to photograph a friends model railway. This started as an exercise in focus stacking and ended with panning action and a small amount of backdrop/scene replacement. For more detail on the model installation which has an incredible level of detail including hand built stock check out…

Haringey Huskies 2019/20 season


Haringey Huskies finish their 2020 season as Champions of the NIHL Div 2 South. Mostly shot at their home in Alexandra Palace they have a growing and loyal following. This year despite still shooting through a net expect to see more and more panning shots typically between 1/40 and 1/60th sec, enough to freeze a portion of the action though still convey the speed and dynamic of this tough and fast sport.


For more photos from this season please have a look at my Flckr pages e.g. and



Fortunate last summer to travel the waterways and roads through Cambodia and record life and culture as I see it. A wonderful country, friendly people a huge diversity of life.


For the technical, this was a one lens one body trip. All these photos were taken on the Olympus EM 11 and 12-100mm f4 zoom lens, difficult to fault the combination that has become a firm favourite with me.

Sail GP Cowes


SailGP, the fastest sail racing in the world, arrived in the UK to make its debut on European waters at Cowes on the Isle of Wight. These catamarans foil to gain speed and topped 50 knots for the first time at Cowes.

SailGP2 (1)

My assignment for UKSportspics to cover the penultimate round of this new sport on the Sunday.  Saturday’s racing being cancelled due to winds being just too strong.

Strong winds returned on the Sunday, with this and shooting from a rib made this  exciting and at times nigh on impossible to hold a frame. Short zooms fared best though much of the credit goes to the rib skipper and his ability to place us close to the action. Tom Slingsby and Australia won all three races and in the following round in Marseilles the championship. Look out for the return of SailGP in 2020.

BAFANL London Hornets 2019 Season


The London Hornets are a British American Football club based in Camden, London and currently play in the BAFA SFC 1 South.  Home matches are played at Mill Hill Rugby Club, 75 Page St, London NW7 2EE. I have beeugh to support and photograph these guys for the last 5 seasons,  where they have won their division title with an impressive 10-0 close-out’ gained a play-off spot and maintained Div 1 status for the past three years.


More photos from the Hornets 2018 season can be seen here on Flickr

JSRA British Jet Sports Championships


Round Two of the British Jetsports Championships at Wyboston Lakes Bedfordshire. This is my second opportunity to shoot this fast growing sport. Great action spread over two days. This year the action was brought a little closer to shore and more accessible to those viewing.